I was born in Suffern, N.Y.on January, 13th, 1939.I'm amazed and delighted that I'm still alive. Suffern has become a dream world for me - a memory of Dogwoods and living on Viola Road, walking to meet Erica, playing in the woods and by the rivers.​​
I travelled with my mother all over - 13 different schools before I graduated High School. Enough said.
Went to Saint John's College where I met Dick and married, had three children and began my life as an adult.Went back to college and finished a Masters at the U. of Md. taught there, had a wonderful group of friends, retired to Oregon and am still going.

Long, long ago in England on the Prime Meridian, young Dick and I. Still big Anglophiles.​​
Dick and Sean Cahall at LaJolla.
At Saint John's with the children
Building a Labyrinth

Dick took the big stones
me, the others
from the rock pile
to the old car
to the yard
to their own place
in the curving lines
of the labyrinth.

 The wide pattern starts
from the center,
two lines in a cross,
marking four directions,
building out
stone by stone.

The shape lies deep,
a back and forth
to balance, to dance,
to marry and find
all those lost pieces
that put us together. 
My daughter Lisa and I.  
Family reunion at Dick's 80th birthday.